MAN@EARTH Initiative

MAN@EARTH is the iniative of people concerned about the growing problems related to the human activity, which could lead to a global catastrophe already in the 21st century. 

The iniative was founded in 2012 by well-know international businessmen and entrepreuners who have a lot of experience and a big network of contacts.
The stand of the MAN@EARTH is the following: we think that the world has already faced global challenges, the impact of which on people’s lives will only increase. We think that the time left from now up to 2020 is the so-called “responsible decade”, and we need to make substantial efforts, find solutions and start to implement them to mitigate the negative impact on countries and communities. 
MAN@EARTH highlites the following global challenges, which would impact human lives in the next 50 years:
  • Continuos population growth up to 9 billion people in 2050;
  • Increase in consumption growth;
  • Depletion of the most important non-renewable resources and new global shortage of fossil fuels and metals;
  • Shortage of renewable resources, such as water and soil;
  • Global geochemical cycles disbalance: CO2, nitrogen, phosphorus;
  • Climate change;
  • Decay and destruction of ecosystems: forests, biodiversity, and coastal areas of lakes, seas and oceans. 
MAN@EARTH is focused on the next 50 years and is aimed at establishing an action plan. We will find solutions for people and communities, as well as for whole countries. Leading research institutes, well-known organizations, scientists, personalities, thinkers, businessmen and philanthropists will take part in the MAN@EARTH Initiative. 
MAN@EARTH Foundation and Institute are registered in Munich (Germany) and act as non-profit organizations.
Site of the Initiative: