Lecture of Ernst Ulrich von Weizsecker: "Resource Efficiency Is a Key to the 21st Century Technologies" (In Russian)
Harald Sverdrup speech at Open Innovations Forum "The Challenge of Peak Energy, Peak Metals, and Peak Food. Threat or opportunity?". 31/10/2012
Peter Head speech at Open Innovations Forum "Innovation in Urban-Rural Development". 31/10/2012
Nebojsa Nakicenovic speech at Open Innovations Forum "Global energy perspectives". 31/10/2012
Lecture of Dennis Meadows at Skolkovo: New Horizons for Business in the Limited World. Next 50 Years
Speech at Open Innovations Forum "Global Challenges and Necessary Innovations of the Next 50 Years". 31/10/2012
Meeting with Ashok Khosla "A Future with Prosperity for All", 08.02.2012
Alan Atkisson's lecture in Mendeleev's University "Life beyond Growth", 16.12.2011
Lecture of Kristin Vala Ragnarsdottir at Politech Museum "New approaches to Sustainability. Changing the paradigm"
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