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Harald Sverdrup

President of K.A.Rasmussen, Professor at Lund University

Chemical Engineering Professor at Lund University (Sweden), member of the Balaton Group.

Harald Sverdrup heads the K.A. Rasmussen company, the biggest precious metals provider in the Nordic countries. The headquarters of the company are at Hamar (Norway). The company has subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Danemark, Belgium and France. K.A. Rasmussen was founded in 1872.
Chemistry professor since 1994, Harald Sverdrup has headed the Biogeochemistry and Systems Analysis Group since 1983. He studies soil chemistry; soil processes modeling, forest and sea ecosystems modeling taking into account the dynamics of the population growth and the dynamics of mercury and phosphorus cycles. 
Harald Sverdrup is the most prominent scientist in the field of production peak of fossil resources (fossils fuels and ore minerals).